“Season of the Cage” Trailer

Check out the trailer for season one of Super Serious Film Fest, a.k.a Season of the Cage!

Super Serious Film Fest is our themed series of movie reviews. This season covers the best and the worst of Nic Cage, the summer and winter of his career, in what we’re calling “Season of the Cage”.

Premieres this Thursday, Oct. 25th 2018. Click through to find out more.


Empire Business – Studio Tour 2018

As we move out of the studio we’ve been in for the past 2 years, we thought we’d give a quick tour of our technical setup as well as all of the decorations and other stuff you don’t get to see in our usual videos. This space has served us well but the next studio will be bigger, better, and hopefully more professional.


Empire Business – Advertising

In light of our recent visit to Podcast Movement as well as some stats measurement changes, we feel it’s time to revisit the topic of advertising in this week’s Empire Business. We cover everything from an update on our success / failures with advertising, the overall podcast advertising metrics, and even our opinions on the way podcast advertising is handled.