LWJ&A – 11/8/2019

Jim and A.Ron discuss Double Dern Saturday; the launch of our new network Swizzbold; advice for Tesla owners; city living vs. country living; Apple+ support devices; sleep hygiene; AirBNB scams; famous or interesting genealogy; advice on dealing with grief; finding Jim’s holy grail; movies we don’t remember; our favorite movie scenes; closing out actors; the Colour Out of Space trailer; best of the decade; when is the right time to start Christmas; advice on starting a family; finally, housekeeping on housekeeping.


LWJ&A – 10/25/2019

Jim and A.Ron get straight into the questions this time, because they are on a tight schedule! They answer everyone’s burning question, WTF is up with your lack of The Expanse coverage; Cecily and Alexis’ coverage of His Dark Materials; The Dresden Files dream casting; vampires in dusters; thoughts on Dark and other foreign recommendations; should D&D have known they were writing fan fiction; gimmick products that really work; how to de-skunk a pet; thoughts on the Colts and football in VERY general terms; carpal tunnel issues; the new grand (re?) opening of the Vonnegut Museum; the possibility of an arts and crafts on a drunken lunch; where to put your cart when you are done; thoughts on when it’s appropriate to use ketchup and gravy; shitting your pants stories; bidet updates; upcoming movies; favorite movies changing in a 5 year span;  thoughts on Melt Bar and Grilled; playing Apex Legends; experience with Halloween pranks; and how to live with a clone of yourself.


Empire Business – State of the Empire 2019

We’re started a feature designed to give you a more transparent look into the day to day decisions and inner workings of the Bald Move empire, exclusively for our club members.  In honor of one of the all-time great series and the one that gave us our start, we’re calling it Empire Business.  It isn’t meant to be a regular weekly feature, it’s more of a “whenever we have something interesting to talk about and remember to turn the mics on” kind of thing.  We hope you enjoy it.


Watchmen – Instant Talk – S01E01 – It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice

The Instant Talk podcast is our after show, with our own quick thoughts about the episode followed by an interactive chat discussion with our fans, live on YouTube.  The first half is a premium podcast just for our club members. The audio from the interactive section is released as a released as the Instant Take podcast.

The full length podcast will be released on Tuesday!


LWJ&A – 10/18/2019

Jim and A.Ron occupy the space in a brand-new studio; they discuss what Camp Bald Move would look like; the weirdest thing they’ve ever eaten and they weirdest place they’ve ever gotten busy; social media checkmarks; how to direct young people with big dreams; Giamatti knows that we exist; unpopular food opinions; old LwJ&A episodes; X-mas card photos; favorite holiday foods/specific hams; regional humor; lasting spooks; mind-blowing science facts; pre-therapy advice; the existence of a perfect band; and upcoming guests on PMT.


LWJ&A – 10/11/2019

In this special episode, it’s the Lunch with Jim and A.Ron 5-year anniversary!

LIVE from Satan’s asshole: Jim and A.Ron talk about their first ever lunch and all of the burritos they have eaten; they sum up the 7th Annual BYPAX – roller coasters at Cedar Point and their favorite games played (meta-games included) such as Game of Thrones and Secret Hitler; we hear a sick beat Murderbear made for us; we ponder once again whether a hot dog is a sandwich; we think about the most memorable/touching lunch question we’ve ever had; how to save it for the ‘cast; water or anything else with a little bit of each other’s pee in it; J&A’s opinion on the situation in Hong Kong; thoughts on the new series Devs; would you be 15 now or when you were actually 15; we speculate on how much work it is to do this much work; whether or not we’ll get to see BLINK; who would benefit from a solo character study; our thoughts on checking out garage/yard sales and our favorite finds;  finally, how to continue (or not) following your favorite shows.