Watching Westworld – 205 – Akane No Mai

Welcome to Shogun World! HBO’s Westworld expands its horizons in the latest episode, “Akane No Mai”, as we get to meet a cast of entirely new but strangely familiar characters in a deadly new location.  We also get to find out some more info about the role of the mysterious Cradle, watch Maeve as she discovers a new “superpower”, and Teddy and Dolores have a falling out over there very different approaches to veterinary medicine. We discuss this as well as your feedback and popular theories and speculation.

Game of Thrones – 205 – The Ghost of Harrenhal

Jim and A.Ron re-watched Game of Thrones episode “The Ghost of Harrenhal”, break it’s neck, and throw it off a parapet.  Just kidding, but we do bite into it like Jaqen into an apple.  We discuss tortured metaphors, Brienne’s rushing into commitments, Stannis’ reluctance to face The Truth, and Arya’s fun and exciting new friends at Harrenhal.  All this and a bunch of interesting feedback, and a lore and history packed SpoiLore section!  

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen – 205 – Kinbaku

“Kinbaku” is the Japanese art of decorative rope bondage, but Jim and A.Ron are wondering what other “tight binds” this episode has Matt getting into. A dangerous former flame re-enters his life just as things get hot between Matt and Karen, Foggy is back to being Foggy, as a extended flashback gives a glimpse into the high speed train wreck that is Elektra Natchios and Matt Murdock, as she seems hellbent on another violent affair.

Better Cast Saul – 205 – Rebecca

Welcome to our coverage of Better Call Saul’s episode 205, “Rebecca”, in which we find some new revelations about Chuck and Jimmy’s past, as well as some very dangerous future entanglements for Mike. We come at the episode with two distinct POV’s; Jim is pro-Chuck, while I’m broadly anti-Chuck, and as a result, we have very different interpretations for a lot of the character conflicts in this episode. Which side do you come down on? Who is right, who is wrong, or are the answers going to be more shades of grey?