Watching Westworld – 204 – The Riddle of the Sphinx

In Westworld episode 204, “Riddle of the Sphinx”, we’re asked to consider if mortality is a core feature of humanity, or is it merely a bug to be fixed later in code? What is “good enough” when it comes to consciousness transfer?  If you can be copied and therefore replaced, does that mean you are no longer real, as Arnold stated at the outset of the season?  Aside from these heady topics, we discuss Bernard becoming lost in his reveries, the triumphant return of one of our favorite techs, and if William is in for something of a redemptive arc, or is he, as he himself maintains, just playing Ford’s game “to the bone”?  All this, tons of feedback, and a bit of speculation and crazy theories at the end!

Game of Thrones – 204 – Garden of Bones

Jim and A.Ron re-watch episode 204 of HBO’s Game of Thrones series, “Garden of Bones”, and mine a rich vein of almost forgotten Peak Tyrion. We also got gummed up with a clumsy arrival of Daenerys at the great city of Qarth, and Jim can’t take Lancel seriously, and we’re both really bummed out about the arrival of this season’s re-cast “Mountain”, but the arrival of the fantastic Papa Lannister single-handedly makes up for all of it.  Another great season 2 episode, is what we’re saying, and we have some terrific feedback to go along with it.

Mr. Robot – 204 – eps2.2_init1.asec

Jim and A.Ron delve into the crazy world of USA’s Mr. Robot once more, and mine rich veins of musical, religious, and technological easter eggs from the latest episode, 204 “eps2.2_init1.asec”. From next level scheming between White Rose and Price, to Elliot taking advantage of the FBI’s ditching of Blackberry in favor of Mr. Android, things are moving once again.

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen – 204 – Penny and Dime

Episode 204 of Netflix’s Daredevil series, “Penny and Dime” is here, and Jim in particular has a lot of problems with his perceived lack of frank talk among concerned friends. We talk about that, the adventures of Karen Page, P.I., Matt and Karen starting to officially ‘ship, Jon Bernthal’s superior graveside performance, and Daredevil’s relationship with the NYPD.

Better Cast Saul – 204 – Gloves Off

Jim and A.Ron are loving the latest episode of Better Call Saul, number 204, “Gloves Off”. Lots of great background and historical details to give our Breaking Bad side the warm fuzzies, and lots of present day action and character intrigue to satisfy our inner Sauls. We discuss our increasingly nuanced positions on Chuck and Jimmy as characters, what a raw deal Kim got, the cool background details we got on the enigmatic Mike, plow through tons of feedback, and more Law Talk!