Watching Westworld – 202 – Reunion

In this week’s episode of HBO’s Westworld, “Reunion”, they add three or four timelines to play with. No big deal.  We find out more about this “Valley Beyond” or “Place of Judgment” that William and Dolores seem to be racing towards to see who can get there first. William wants to burn the place to the ground, Dolores hopes to find a powerful weapon to use against her human oppressors. Maeve is caught in between, just a woman trying to find her daughter in this crazy ‘World. Lots of analysis, and a healthy speculation section at the end for those of you who want to out think show runners Nolan and Joy!

Game of Thrones – 202 – The Night Lands

A.Ron and Jim continue their rewatch of season two of HBO’s Game of Thrones with “The Night Lands”.  On this podcast, we discuss the opposite of a headless horsemen, Tyrion’s tragic flaws, Theon’s ignorance of his personal history and that of his people, the Iron Islanders, and the moral quandary of the Night’s Watch.  Also, A.Ron apologizes for muffing up the White Raven lore from the previous podcast.  All this and tons of feedback coming your way!

Better Cast Saul – 202 – Cobbler

We thouroughly enjoyed the second outing of “Better Call Saul’s” second season, “Cobbler”. It had it all, really, and there’s a lot to discuss. We move through Jimmy’s various legal wranglings, ponder his relationship with Chuck and the complex psychology at work, witness the beginning of the end of Jimmy and Kim’s relationship, and worry for the security of her career, if not her life. Oh, and we discuss pie based erotica, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing. This plus a ton of feedback. See you next week