Watching Westworld – 201 – Journey Into Night

The opening salvo fired in HBO’s Westworld season two premiere wasn’t what we were expecting. We were expecting literal salvos fired by lots of angry hosts into lots of frightened guests, which, you know, that’s certainly there.  But there is so much more.  What to make of Bernard’s time bending descent into near death madness, Dolores oddly performative attempted takeover of the park, Maeve’s increasing attachment to various fellow hosts, to say nothing of what Delos is up to trafficking in the rich and famous DNA and memory trade. What are creators Nolan and Joy up to?  If it’s anything like last season, it will take until the finale to tease all the secrets of Westworld out!

Game of Thrones – 201 – The North Remembers

And now our (re)watch begins with “The North Remembers”, the season two premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones series.  We’ll be working our way through the entire second season, the first half of the episode is entirely spoiler free for first time viewers, then we’ll have a mini-SpoiLore section after we play the end of pod theme music for people who are caught up on the books / show.  In this episode we’re appreciating Tyrion’s swagger, Sansa’s strength, Robb’s toughness, and Jon’s girlish good looks. We’ll have more every Tuesday over the next ten weeks, so settle in for a long trip down GoT memory lane!  See you next week!

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen – 201 – Bang

Daredevil season two has started! We’ll be watching and reviewing a new episode every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from here on out until we’ve finished the whole thing. As we rejoin our heroes in episode 201, “Bang”, local gangs have been jockeying to occupy the power vacuum left by the Kingpin’s exit last season, and Matt might have new competition in the “get tough on crime” game.

Better Cast Saul – 201 – Switch

Better Call Saul is back, and we have a lot to say about the new episode, 201, “Switch”! We got all the angles covered, from fictional high end tequila to the hot new breakfast cereal, Chocobolo, hummingbird and douchey investor cameos, Kim/Jimmy relational angst, and all points in between. Plus, a lot of great fellow fan feedback and some bonus legal analysis.

Fargo – 201 – Waiting for Dutch

Jim and A.Ron are flabbergasted at what Fargo is able to get away with doing and still remain Fargo. It’s pretty incredible, actually. We discuss the mid-west gang war that provides the broad strokes of the season, lay odds on how many different way’s A.Ron will manage to pronounce “Gerhardt”, talk about Jesse Plemmon’s enduring “MATT DAY-MON” impression that he keeps finding ways to get paid for, and talk about our first impressions of the weird and wonderful characters we’ve met so far. All this, and some insanely smart emails from our impressively educated fellow fans, and you got your self a real hummer of a podcast, you betcha!