Bald Move TV – The Deuce – S03E02 – Morta di Fame

The Deuce is under a lot of pressure in “Morta di Fame”, as disease, drugs, greedy gangsters and corrupt politicians all angle to take a bite out of its inhabitants. It’s hard to see how established players like Rudy, Vincent, and Paul are going to make it out okay, but there is a glimmer of hope that Frankie just might be able to survive by being to small time to worry about. Meanwhile on the West coast Lori is waking up to the fact that she’s traded a pimp named Cici for one named Kiki. Grim proceedings all around, lightened only by Bobby’s hair piece and Frankie’s fledgling paper bag porn empire. Plus, we get educated on all things Greenwich in the feedback section!


LWJ&A – 9/13/2019

Jim and A.Ron give a Star Trek update; a good old-fashioned “what would you do” involving Russians on the ISS; coverage of His Dark Materials; whether or not you should be honest with your spouse; The Expanse coverage plans; a nice story to share about community; Jim and A.Ron switch bodies in a Freaky Friday; A.Ron’s interest in drag/trans language; the return of Old King Conan; plans to bring back Que Che L’evier; remembrance of 9/11; Wednesday night stream update; which TV character you would be; Jim’s thoughts on the new ‘Tool’ album; Andrew Yang’s “The War on Normal People” and thoughts of AI in the future; and the idea of Digital Utopianism.

Bald Move TV – The Deuce – S03E01 – The Camera Loves You

HBO’s The Deuce is back! We rejoin our mixed crew of hustlers on the Eve of 1985. The strip itself seems a bit less bright, and a good deal more dangerous, even as powerful big-money interests have high-class aspirations for the neighborhood. This premiere is a marvel of efficient storytelling and character re-introductions, introducing various threats to the community; wolfpacks, AIDS, home video recording, that will be impacting the lives and livelihoods of The Deuce denizens for the rest of the series. What did you think? Tell us using the feedback links below!

Pickle Me This – S03E01 – The Rickshank Rickdemption (with Jonah Ray)

Our season three coverage of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty starts of with a bang as we break down “The Rickshank Rickdemption”. This episode is truly a marvel of both comedy and plotting; Rick manages to escape a high security prison, cripple his rival Ricks in the Citadel while destroying the Galactic Federation, and for dessert, oust Jerry from his own family as part of a 100 year plot to bring back Schezuan sauce to McDonalds. To do justice to it, we’ve brought in MST3K’s own Jonah Ray to share his own connection to R&M, thoughts on “The Rickshank Rickdemption”, as well as a cautionary tale about scooter rentals. You might also be interested in his new project, “You Can’t Call Me Al”, a Weird Al cover album. Check it out, it’s a jam!


LWJ&A – 9/6/2019

A.Ron update us on his fence saga while fighting the worse poison ivy he has ever had in his life; Jim’s beloved old couch was put to rest; the dilemma of contractors; Cecily gives us a job update; A.Ron and Jim are given a difficult choice; their plans for UFC 242; thoughts on Better Call Saul S4, Dark Crystal, TNG, The Wheel of Time, Succession, The Good Place, The Walking Dead, Rick and Morty Season 3 and a quick Leftovers revisit. Finally, we count down Bald Move’s Top 7 Boners.

Due to technical issues there is no video for this one!

Bald Movies – IT Chapter Two (2019)

We went to see Chapter Two of Stephen King’s IT, and we were both kind of underwhelmed. We were both fans of the first installment, but unfortunately the great acting and interesting characterizations are undermined by hokey horror sequences and what feels like a lot of recycled material from Chapter One. We think it’s an okay film, not a very effective horror movie, and with the cast and material that’s pretty surprising. We’ll be back in a few weeks to take on Ad Astra (and Cecily and I will be sneaking in a review of the Downton Abbey movie), see you then!